Burns Lake Automotive is a wholesale and retail store supplying parts, tools, equipment, industrial supplies and workware. We also repair and build hydraulic hoses and have a test bench for alternators and starters.

As an AUTO SENSE AUTO PARTS store, we offer an extensive inventory of auto, industrial, marine and RV supplies.
Vice President/Purchaser/Stores Operations:
Treasurer/Bookkeeper/Human Resources
Burns Lake Store Manager:
Fraser Lake Store Manager:
Returns and Warehouse Manager:
Inventory Control/ Receiver
Stuart & Juanita McFee
Stuart McFee
Juanita McFee
Murray Stevens
Gord Hilder
Michael Driedger
Shelley Hanson


We have a large inventory of PETRO-CAN oil, AMS oil, nuts/bolts, industrial, hydraulic hoses and fittings and workware clothing and boots.

We have an excellent reputation in the industry for our prompt, professional and friendly service and because we stand behind what we sell.

We have 2 stores to serve all of your auto and industrial needs. Our Burns Lake store has over 10,000 square feet of retail space and our Fraser Lake store has over 2500 square feet of retail space. We also have a prompt delivery service offered at each of our branches.

This company was built with the needs of the forestry, mining, and automotive industries in mind. The original store was established in 1934 and the current owners acquired it in 1995. We employ 15 individuals and support various local charities and organizations.